Summit Series DC10

So, Im heading off to Summit Series which looks like an exciting and casual get together of like entrepreneurial minds and extraordinary brain power from all over the globe.  It is an exclusive invite only event where each invitee is screened by a committee before being formally invited and ultimately granted access to the Summit and let me tell you, from the looks of the published attendees and the speakers list, Summit Series DC10 looks to be an absolute monster of a conference where a busy entrepreneurs time should be well spent.  As far as the activities go, this is no ordinary networking event full of conference halls, cheap buffet food and the personalized Sharpie pen name-tag sticker.  We are talking about the JW Marriott, 24/7 snack bars, daily Yoga, Pilates, Paintball, Exclusive Night Clubs, Scavenger Hunts, Gourmet Meals, basically the works by anyones standards.

I was told these words about ones attitude and expected behavior while at the summit.

“Check your ego at the door, everyone here is a badass”

(Josh, I dont know if you came up with that yourself, but its a winner and at the heart of that statement is what I hope the Summit is all about, only time will tell…)

With company such as Bill Clinton, Ted Turner, Russel Simmons, Ray Kurzweil, my new acquaintance and colleague Kai Huang (Guitar Hero Creator) it seems that betting on Summit Series is a guaranteed win.  Let me point out quickly that its a crime to leave some of the amazing speakers and entrepreneurs out of my short blog, but the list is truly distinguished and by no means is omission from my blog a result of any speakers lack of accomplishments or their contributions to society.  You can see a brief overview of some of the individuals that will be there by visiting the Summit Series website.

From the philanthropic to the profiteer, Summit Series DC10 is actually a mingling of minds that I am truly looking forward to.  Check my blog for daily tweets from the Summit and expect a full Summit Series DC10 blog review as soon as the Summit ends.  Till then…