E3 Gaming Convention 2011 – Continued

I’m still sitting on the edge of my seat, even as I type about my amazing experience at the E3 Gaming Convention 2011 earlier this month. One post on this event wouldn’t be doing justice to the brilliance of this unforgettable event. It was a gathering of art, technology and creative genius, organized by Game Dunzo in partnership with Game Station. Svedka Vodka and
Westin Bonaventure Hotel were two of the prime sponsors for “Suede” (the event’s
lounge for VIP attendees).

The convention was a nonstop celebration that started on June 7, 2011 and lasted for glorious days. They rolled out the red carpet at the conclusion of day one of the convention. Starting around 8:00 p.m. there were movie stars, television stars, big names in art, design, modeling (e.g. Playboy Playmates) and bigwigs of the industry lining up the carpet. “Summit Series” attendee executives and other entrepreneurs began arriving at 8:30 p.m.

The party, as expected on such an occasion, was as fantastic as the expo itself. It was a blast spending the evening with a few of my closest friends, colleagues and several of the biggest names in the industry. (I apologize for some name repetition from my previous entry on this event; however, it was almost mind-boggling to be in the prescense of such a staggering number of notable names of the industry.) A few of the heavy hitters included: Kai Huang (Creator of Guitar Hero), Rob Prado (EVP Game Design Blizzard), Jon Snoddy (SVP Disney Imagineering), Anthony Borquez (CEO of Grab.com), Chris Ueland (Co-founder of Net DNA and Max CDN), Theodore Agranet (Founder of jHype), and Cliffy B. (Design Director at Epic Games for Gears of War 3).

The atmosphere was buzzing, full of glitz and glamour, as celebrities of the entertainment industry filled crowd. Celebs like Shelby Young, Crystal Hoang, Chad Gerber, The Mad Musician and Darcie Odom truly made the party come alive. It was a night none of my fellow partiers and I won’t soon forget. A night filled with memorable moments many of us will
cherish for a lifetime.

As the night wore on guests typically would have been getting tired, but there was an excitement in the air that kept us all going. This was definitely an LA evening for the history books. Nearly a dozen media outlets interviewed noteworthy attendees, with interviews lasting the entirety of the night. Before I knew it, the party was winding down and it was time to call it a night. It felt as if the party had only begun and I honestly couldn’t believe how quickly the time had flown.

Most of you probably remember preparing for a school trip or birthday party for months. Remember how every day leading up to our big day would seem like an eternity? Finally, the day arrives and it’s all over in what feels like the blink of an eye. We’re left with nothing but photographs and memories. Sometimes we turn our experience by writing them down in journal entries to preserve the day forever.

Words cannot begin to describe how much I truly appreciate Game Station and Svedka Vodka for their generous support of this event.