First Push

iOS iCon for

By Jonathan Strietzel, 6/29/12

Today I pushed up the first in a massive list of future github commits.  Retina Display app icons, launch screens and their lower res counterparts are now up along with altered UITabBar’s that represent the colors, paired with our matching Navigation bars.  Basic Storyboard layout and UI is also up with demo images.  Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Login’s along with image grabbing coming next.

Oauth and FB OpenGraph here I come.  😉 Begins

iOS iCon for

The beginning.  Its been almost a year since Big Stage Entertainment Inc. Sold to Image Metrics and I’ve done quite a bit of soul searching and have come to the conclusion that I am indeed destined to build something else, but, this time rather, by my own hands, my partners hands and on my own terms.  So, usher in an elegant idea, full of power and simplicity that has taken me almost a year to achieve. is a concept that has sparked my interest well beyond any other crazy idea or concept that I’ve concocted in the past year and will be included in the 2012 lineup or Strietzel.Co’s investment portfolio.  It will join OGL and Affirmation Labs on the roster as one of Strietzel.Co’s early technology investments.  I will be documenting the building of privately and will disclose daily blogs as I progress through the building of this application.  I’ll be doing blogs that I publish for all of you to read and I will be doing private blogs that will be dated, but will be published after the launch for proprietary purposes.  I’ll be doing short video blogs documenting my issues, challenges and successes as I press through this venture which will also be released at a future date.

Stay tuned world.  Here comes

Special Thanks to Daryll Merchant, the producer and talented entrepreneur that brought the Affirmation Labs LLC investment to Strietzel.Co and has re-enforced the importance of Gratitude and Love in my life.  Kudos to my good buddy Scott Ross, a man I look up to and love even though we might but heads a bit at times, for introducing Daryll and I.  It is Scott who truly gets the credit for this connection.  So, Scott, thank you.  Daryll, thank you for encouraging and re-enforcing conscious gratitude in my life and for bringing Affirmation Labs to Strietzel.Co’s attention.  We have embarked on quite a journey over the past few months and your influence has invigorated me and has truly empowered me with the ability to develop iOS applications on my own.  It is throughout the development of the Affirmation Labs “Affirmation Planting Application” that has instilled confidence in me to proceed with the build and construction of on my own.  This adventure is a testament to the power of “Gut Feel”, affirmations and the power of will and how verbalizing to the universe what you want brings those things you desire closer to you.  Much love to Scott Ross and Daryll Merchant, two men who I dedicate to.  As it was through their influence that I was able to develop the skills and confidence in which to press forward.

I would also like to acknowledge Jon Kraft for having a belief in me. As a friend and colleague, Jon has been a cornerstone in my development and has taught me how to be a better man simply by example.  Jon Snoddy, you my friend have been to battle with me more times than most and I remember and treasure each of those moments as I have learned more from you than most in my life.  Lessons on interface, UI/UX and design theory, reputation management and more come to mind when I think of the lessons that I’ve learned.  To both of you, Thank you.  I also dedicate to you.  There certainly bits of both of you in this product as well.

Jake and Isaac, Strietzel.Co Engineering is nothing without you both.  Our investments hinge on all 3 of us as developers and I truly am thankful for your belief in me and your dedication to the projects we take on as a group.

Last but not least, my family and friends that support me and have continued to support my crazy ideas for years.  I will do my best to make you all proud.  It is you that are the most important elements in my life.  Friends and family will never be neglected as there are no riches or possessions that could ever replace the joy that I already have been blessed with from all of you.  It is you that keeps me going, keeps me happy and makes my life worth living on a daily basis.  If you consider yourself a friend or family, I am talking about you. So, In short, Thank you.

Gratitude 6/28/12

2. Word Press
3. iOS
4. Mom
5. Dad
6. Brother and Sister
7. China
8. Cool Cloud
9. Dbone
10. Snoddy
11. KDJ
12. Warren
13. Chris
14. Theo
15. Derek
16. Barefoot Merlot
17. Macallan 18
18. Victoria BC
19. Virgin America
20. Macbook Air
21. Daryll
22. Masako
23. Affirmation Labs
24. Isaac and Jake
25. OGL and tis team
26. Frank
27. Kristin
28. Andy
29. Mark
30. Leo
31. Mission
32. Robert
33. Ted
34. Bangarang
35. Skrillex
36. Jade
37. Setorii
38. Lori
39. Spencer
40. Jim
41. Elliot
42. Chapman
43. J Sweet
44. USC
45. Cyrus
46. Doug
47. Zen
48. Lucky
49. Sunsets
50. Espresso
51. Brittany
52. Toms
53. Beijing Tailors
54. Porsche
55. 30 Inch Cinema Display
56. iPhone and iPad
57. Android
58. Programming
59. Cool Breezes on Sunsets
60. Fast cars on coasts during gorgeous views
62. Events
63. 2810
64. Deals
65. God and Universal power
66. Nespresso
67. Love
68. Care
69. Medicine
70. Water
71. Peace
72. Photoshop
73. Repeat
74. Cool summer breezes in Long Beach, CA
75. Authentic
76. ACF
77. Tim, Shelby and Taylor
78. Trevor
79. Leon
80. Greg
81. Friends
82. Amber
83. Laura
84. Grins
85. Sandoval
86. Curves
87. Venture Capital
88. Risk takers
89. Living life once
90. Frank Sinatra
91. Records
92. Kind of Blue
93. Wine and Classic Jazz
94. Natura Beds (Love to my buddy Theo
95. Apple
97. Food
98. Oxygen
99. Freedom
100. Zoning out
101. Ruby on Rails
102. Adam
103. Disney
104. Jamie
105. Sian
106. Jonas
107. Afrojack
108. New York
109. Paris
110. Hawaii
111. Midnight coding tears
112. Mobile Phones
113. Avicii
114. Google Apps
115. Godaddy
116. Jenny
117. Skype
118. Google Voice
119. GSM
120. Salvadore
121. Open Sesame
122. Dentistry
123. Gmail
124. Stack Overflow
125. Ebay
126. Comic Art
127. #300
128. Cash
129. Chad
130. Luis
131. Tron Legacy
132. Syd and Roger
133. Health
134. ATT
135. Seattle
136. San Fran
137. Rick Marini
138. Kai
139. Tim
140. Mike
141. Shawn
142. Kettle Bells
143. Pushups
144. Cool
145. Blogs
146. Pulse
147. Rosie
148. Matthew
149. Mark
150. Tom and Cindy
151. Tracy and Signey
152. Sam
153. Berkeley
154. MIT
155. Thank You’s
156. The Art Gastelum Foundation
157. Love for Life
158. Ambition and Drive
159. Blessings
160. God Loves Me. Good Night.
161. Xcode
162. Mirelly and Brian, Ben and Jamie
163. GMA (Hands down)
164. Flight Facilities
165. BOOM.

166. Appreciation