2810 Events | Las Vegas Summer 2011

The sun will set in the desert on September 29th and will  be ushering in a new day in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Office doors will be closing, lights turned off for the weekend, bags will be packed and after a brief car ride to the local airport, entrepreneurs and philanthropists across the country will be headed toward Sin City for a one-of-a-kind summer close-out gathering starting at 6pm on September 30th.  Its not for the typical bachelor party or vacation getaway, but for something worth so much more.  Amazing individuals from across the country will be coming together at the 2810 private resort in Las Vegas to gather with like minds for a relaxing summer close-out weekend unlike any other.

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The 2810 Private Resort will be filled with a number of the most talented minds that our country has to offer.  The 2810 houses the most beautiful private pool outside of the strip and on its property sits an estate home to die for.
This amazing get-together of brilliant minds was the brain-child of my dear friends Sean Vanian (Owner of the 2810 Private Resort), Setorii Pond, Ksenia Kiseleva and yours truly (Jonathan Strietzel) after one of the best large-scale networking events we have ever been to, “Summit at Sea” courtesy of the Summit Series team.
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The weekend will start with drinks on the strip on September 30th, be filled with a full day of lounged networking and relaxation followed by a night of pure bliss, all ending with a wonderful “Detox”  poolside Sunday at the beautiful 2810 Private Estate.
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This event is an invite-only gathering and if you were fortunate enough to get an invite, we do hope that you take the time to come and enjoy a weekend full of amazing bonding and like-minded conversation that should create and forge relationships that last  lifetime.