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E3 Expo 2011

The E3 Gaming Convention is the largest gaming convention in the world. This year’s three day extravaganza was an event like the world’s never seen. It was much more than fun and games. It was awe-inspiring. I had the good fortune of experiencing this event alongside several of my friends and colleagues. The convention kicked […]

E3 Gaming Convention 2011 – Continued

I’m still sitting on the edge of my seat, even as I type about my amazing experience at the E3 Gaming Convention 2011 earlier this month. One post on this event wouldn’t be doing justice to the brilliance of this unforgettable event. It was a gathering of art, technology and creative genius, organized by Game […]

Jonathan Strietzel | Americas Most Promising Companies | Forbes

Jonathan Strietzel: Forbes Magazine has a circulation of over 900,000 and its website, Forbes.com reaches approximately 18 million people a month. Both the magazine and the website are for the world’s top business leaders and in the October 5th, 2009 edition of Forbes, Big Stage Entertainment was named as #18 in America’s Most Promising Companies. “Our company is very […]

Startup Travel | Good Evening Seoul

Startup roadshow begins for Big Stage Entertainment – Just landed in Seoul, beginning my big barrage of meetings in Asia.  Shanghai (GDC Asia), Seoul and it looks like Tokyo is shaping up…

Startup – Big Stage $2.7MM raised for Avatar Software

Startup News – Los Angeles – Big Stage Entertainment, is the worlds leading developer of 3D facial creation technology, otherwise known as an Avatar, announced on Tuesday that it had secured an additional $2.7 million in second round funding, from Mission Ventures, Selby Ventures and TechCoast Angels. Big Stage Entertainment is a So. Cal Startup, founded […]

Startup – Strietzel | Big Stage

Startup Mayhem – Strietzel‘s Big Stage Technology “UM YEAH. THIS IS LIKE EVERYTHING THAT I’VE BEEN EXCITED ABOUT FOR A WHILE.”  April 05, 2009 These are true words from an email I received earlier this week as authored by a well-respected digital marketing executive. What can I say… it resonated with me, not simply because […]

Startup | Big Stage Entertainment

Startup Analysis: Big Stage Entertainment, words from Marcus Alexander Hart/Geek Monthly/February 2009 Startup Big Stage Entertainment – Marcus Alexander Hart writes about how he remembers the movie S1mOne? Marucs covered how Al Pacino had a digital actress with him that he could constantly and freely drop into any movie of his choice at any time. Marcus […]

Startup Technology – PortableYou

Strietzel – December 15, 2008 | Jon Snoddy Startup Life – People who frequent Big Stage Joint tend to dream big. Kind of an unspoken requirement I guess. We started this thing with the vision of digitizing humanity… all of it… everybody. We wanted to create a technology so transformative that it would launch an […]

Startup News: Transport yourself from Game-to-Game

Dean Takahashi | December 11th, 2008 | Repost by Jonathan Strietzel If your interested in building a 3-D avatar, or virtual character, you might as well spread take it everywhere with you. That’s the point of Big Stage Entertainment’s PortableYou program. Big Stage uses a highly advanced, facial modeling system to render an amazing digital […]

Big Stage Partners with Splash News and GGL Global Gaming

Virtual Worlds News/December 11, 2008 Yesterday Big Stage announced  the launch of Portable You, its program to integrate its 3D facial models with third parties or games, virtual worlds, and more as well as an initial partnership with Icarus Studios and The Venue Network. Today it announced two more partnerships, with Splash News, a celebrity […]

Startup – Big Stage | GGL Partnership

Strietzel – Posted by Kevin Jenkins in Tech News on 12 11th, 2008 BigStage.com Users Will Be Able to Insert Their 3-D @ctors Into Free Video Game Content, Then Share with Friends and GGL Community Members LOS ANGELES, Dec 11, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Big Stage Entertainment, Inc., a media technology company founded by Jonathan Strietzel, […]

Startup News – A Mug’s Game

Startup’s software allows users to insert 3-D versions of their faces in videos, photos, online content. By CHARLES PROCTOR Los Angeles Business Journal Staff Posted date: 11/10/2008 How many people want to see themselves in a clip from “Phantom of the Opera” or “The A-Team”? Enough to build a business? Pasadena Startup Big Stage Entertainment […]

Jonathan Strietzel: “Creating the Digital You”

By Dog and Pony Editor – November 6th, 2008 @ 3:21 pm Jonathan Strietzel is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of BigStage.com a new digital media company that is bringing digital versions of real people to life. For those of you who’ve dreamed of staring in a blockbuster movie or TV show alongside their […]

All the World’s a Stage and You’re a Player In It…

Distorted-Loop.com – Repost by Jonathan Strietzel Posted by Jonny on November 5th, 2008 Can’t get enough of karaoke? Like to take space in the spotlight? Possessed by a pathological need to put yourself across? Big Stage Entertainment’s new service could be a bit of fun for you, as it lets you pop self-made animated 3D […]

Starring You On The Big Screen

Louis Hau 1.9.08 CES 2008 Las Vegas, NV How would you like to give yourself a starring role in your favorite videogame? Or music video? Or your favorite movie scene of all time? South Pasadena, Calif., start-up Big Stage wants to help you do just that. The company has developed a technology that will allow […]

CIA technology will map your face

By Rafe Needleman  / January 8, 2008 9:55 AM PST LAS VEGAS– Intel CEO Paul Otellini’s CES keynote was sparkling. In contrast to Bill Gates’ pastel portrait of the future, Otellini presented a concrete vision of a personal, reactive Web, and the challenges to creating it (Silicon, Infrastructure, Context, and Interface). For a full rundown, […]

Startup News: Intel In The 3-D Fast Lane

Startup – Strietzel’s Big Stage at CES 2008 David M. Ewalt, 01.08.08, 2:35 AM ET LAS VEGAS – How do you show off your products to a crowd of slavering gadget geeks when most of what you make is smaller than a thumbnail and doesn’t do anything more exciting than route electrons? That’s the problem […]