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Gratitutde 1/1/2017

Food Water Showers Mate F&F Intros Jeff Alex Pauline Jon Kraft Books Warmth Mac Book Pro Chromebook Espresso Suzie-Q SF LA NY Manhattan Jon Snoddy West Village Sara Jordanian P WordPress The Internet Air Peace Tolerance Forgiveness New Years Xmas The Holidays Coffee Best Friends Debates Blade Runner 2049 Val Rockefeller Center Family JB Jolly […]

Gratitude 1/21/2016

Family Friends Water intros .com investors MUSH Air Peace Aroma Long Beach Grandmothers Open Sesame Zero to One Macallan 18 Nespresso Elon Musk LinkedIn A Liu J Felsor Strietzel.Co Strietzel Forbes Ranking Venture Capital Angel Investors Music The Roots Jet Fire Bill Views Soft Carpet Seattle Mountain View Chang Dark Wood Candles LV Moo Moo […]

Gratitude 7/16/2015

HONEY Family Friends intros.com Developers Water Air YY Peace Travel Car iPhone Macbook Air God Affirmation App Vibes PP Pauline Don Warren Joe Andy Jon J-sno Mission Doug Tables Desks Humanscale SD Gabby Moo Espresso Nespresso Open Ses Beef Buying Club Food Whole Foods Trader Joes Curves Android WP Amanda Kate US DR. EW Kaizen […]

Gratitude 1/28/15

New Year Family Justin Brother Leon, Isaac, Warren Kraft, Uri, Brad, Jared, Brooks Tamoor Love Friendship Jolly New Years Taboo Jackie Javier Ueland Theo Jet Moo Moo iPhone 6 Plus Macbook Air Mickiewicz Water Sam Bill My New Living Situation BEin Kaizen Steph Mark West Steel Louis Guardians of the Galaxy Casablanca Cool Breezes Grace […]

Gratitude 8/30/14

AG Lee iOS Isaac Tom Nikki Ari Joe Alex Jenn Corum Jeff IKS Ian Kraft Uri Kai Rick Warren AQ Ueland Summit Matt Jet Travel Salvadore Moo Moo Jen Panerai iPhone iPAd Persol Apple Macbook Air Notebooks intros.com Strietzel Forbes Mention Big Stage Sale Image Metrics Rupak Allison Sandy Giancarlo Justin Hope Tanya Matthew Joe […]

Gratitude 7/27/14

May 8th, 2013 Lee AG Kraft intros .com T Jolly Ueland Summit Series Matt Matthew, Mark Schiavos Tea Water Air Apple Products Jet Moni SP Riip GR Decker / Anderson Internet CPL Domain Sales Cool Cloud strietzel family Wheaton Coffee Caffeine Forbes iPad Gibson XBOX Pens Leather Clothing Relaxing Sandy A Faguey Uri Isaac Alex […]

Inspiration Gasoline 7/21/13

A beautiful night in LB Gallo Wine xCode intros.com Strietzel.Co AdGenomics Bowers and Wilkins P50’s The Oblivion Soundtrack As I’ve said before, all of you have been long asleep as I create and consciously dream into the night  😉 So, with that said.  The inspiration Gasoline for today: Sunday, July 12st, 2013 Oblivion Motion Picture […]

Gratitude 6/24/13

Isaac Leon Strietzel.Co Justin Giancarlo Hapa Water Love Friends Family Espresso Coffee Bean Macbook Air iPhone Android Phones xCode iOS Cars Transportation Tylenol KDJ Croquet Theo Chris Warren AM SuperDrives Cali Bia Each Day Drives on the coast Resorts Laughter Picnics Jaytech Positive Media: Jonathan Strietzel StritzLive Cigars Scotch Cinema Displays Customers Investments Media Possibility […]

Gratitude 6/3/13

Sarah (Today’s Gratitude Inspiration) Family Espresso KDJ Work Kings Fish House 😉 CBTL Justin Giancarlo Anthony Tim Shelby Isaac Leon Croquet Introduction App Intros.com Technology Investor Patents Invention Freedom Water Food Las Vegas Spontaneous Travel Janel Apple TV Chi Runy Tom oDesk Oslund Theiss Barkr OGL Air Shelter Cars Airplanes NY Bianca Roby Nicky Imran […]

Gratitude 4/12/13

1. Giancarlo 2. Justin 3. Isaac 4. Leon 5. Warren 6. Chris 7. KDJ 8. Flor De Las Antillas 9. Love 10. Family 11. Strietzel.Co 12. Lessons 13. The process 14. Tech 15. Shoes 16. Theo 17. iPhone 18. WordPress 19. Scotch 20. Chess 21. Night Sky 22. Yael 23. Daryll 24. Vishen 25. Agape […]

Gratitude 3/18/13

Justin Giancarlo Warren Brian KDJ iPhone iPad Android Liu Kang Mortal Kombat Legacy 2 MacBook Air Justin Barr Cinema Displays Family Love Friends Laughter YouTube Lakers iPad Mini xCode Eclipse IDE Sarah Manpreet Anastasiya Brian Tee Jonathan Strietzel Forbes Mention Taiji Roy Misako Daryll Masako Affirmation Labs Affirmations Affirmation App Bowers and Wilkins headphones My […]

Liu Kang

                Liu Kang, the Mortal Kombat Legend is back in one of the baddest trailers I’ve seen in a while. My good buddy and practically brother, Brian Tee has put together a character that is similar to the Frank Miller conversion of Batman into what we know today […]

Gratitude 3/3/13

1. Family 2. Experience 3. Friends 4. Isaac 5. Jake 6. Justin 7. Giancarlo 8. Joe 9. KDJ 10. Warren 11. Liu Kang 12. Chris 13. Theo 14. Sarah 15. Stephen 16. Barkr 17. Connective.ly 18. HMG 19. Art 20. Life 21. Death 22. Laughs 23. Schooling 24. light 25. MacBook Air 26. Cigars 27. […]

Mortal Kombat

Completely stoked to see the upcomming trailers for Mortal Kombat Legacy: Season 2.  My good buddy Brian Tee scored the lead role as Liu Kang  and I know he has some intense plans for the character.

Gratitude 1/13/13

Agape Daryll Merchant Strietzel Family Name Macbook Air Long Beach Travel iPad iPhone Air Justin Giancarlo Dexter Alice Crisci Fertility Preservation Non Profit Breaking Bad Art Gastelum‘s New Foundation McKenzie 2810 PhD’s Science Internet Strietzel Co Apple TV2 Panerai Ferrari App Development using Xcode Uncle Martin Quotely, Quote Software Procopio Startup Investor Strietzel Co process Global […]

Gratitude 1/7/13

Family Friends Water Life Happiness Brian KDJ Mirelly Ben WordPress Ebay Alice Crisci Holidays Macbook Air iPhone iPad Art Gastelum‘s New Foundation TapIt Tim and Shelby Disney Sound Collar xCode Contracts Sister Strietzel Co hipchat Github Jira Kurt CK Photoshop Kevin Quote.ly – Quote Software Procopio Art Gastelum and his family Noel My Personal Blog […]

Gratitude 1/4/13

Daryll Merchant Art Gastelum‘s Foundation Strietzel Co Family Friends Water Health Ambition Fertile Action Alice Crisci eBay Xmas Holidays Open Sesame Ashley Salvadore Masako Scott Ross Giancarlo and Justin Kraft Snoddy Mission Luis Kdj Brother Sister iPad iPhone MacBook Air CK Isaac and jake Kevin Quote.ly Connective.ly Noel Procopio Jim Casparie WordPress Art Gastelum Jonathan […]

Gratitude 1/3/13

New Years Fresh Starts Family Friends Taboo Cup Champagne Wine Pinot Noir Beautiful Things Salvadore Tim and Shelby Kraft Scott Ross Daryll Merchant Masako Matthew Traci Mark Signey Jackie Joseph The Art Gastelum Foundation Ryan and Jeff Margo Gma Lattes Nespresso Morning Buns Natura Beds Baseballs Cinema displays Macbook Airs Ray Ban Porsche Growth No Audits […]

Gratitude 12/19/12

Theo Alex Banayan Nespresso KDJ Family Friends Chris Ueland Warren Jolly Food iPad iPhone Macs Mic Isaac Jake Strietzel.Co Anthony Wheaton Mobile Development Brookstein Alice Crisci Fertile Action Affirmations Affirmation Planting App Entrepreneur Personality Test Bowers & Wilkins Binary Options Binary Option Brokers Code xCode Apple TV2 XBMC Natura Beds Incase Summit Series Patents Noel […]