Art Gastelum Foundation – Supporting Latino Youth

Very happy to announce that we are a part of the construction of the Art Gastelum Foundation which will act as a center and resource for Latino youth.  Led by a friend, colleague and philanthropist Art Gastelum, the Art Gastelum Foundation will provide academic information and resources for our up and coming Latino Youth.

Strietzel.Co is happy to dedicate time and resources to the Foundation.

Click HERE to learn more about the Foundation and about Strietzel.Co.


Getting Motivated and how to get things done! An info graphic from lifehacker that I find extremely useful and interesting.


Inspiration Gasoline

Writing code requires some of the basic necessities which include, but are not limited to

  • Caffeine
  • A SICK pair of headphones (Recommend Bowers and Wilkins P50’s from the Apple Store)
  • Music that gets you jacked. (Inspiration Gasoline)

My Inspiration post series will be simple.  Single posts of the songs that inspire my creativity and drive me, along with a serious cup of caffeine into the wee hours of the night writing code, when all of you have been long asleep  😉

So, with that said.  The inspiration Gasoline for today: Sunday, September 2nd 2012

Spectrum (Radio Mix) [feat. Matthew Koma]

Inspiration Gasoline: Spectrum, Stritz Live, Jonathan Strietzel, Code Inspiration, iOS

Spectrum (Radio Mix)