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Strietzel | Sex Stops War

Post by Jonathan Strietzel, September 17th 2011

Thanks to @shervin, @strietzel I was turned onto this amazing and modern day Lysistrata this afternoon via Twitter.

To remind you all, Lysistrata is one of the eleven Greek plays written by Aristophanes.  It’s a comical account of one woman’s ambitious vision that leads to the the end  of The Peloponnesian War. In short, Lysistrata successfully communicates her ambitious vision and  ultimately persuades all of the women of Greece to essentially “Close up Shop” and forgo sexual activities, thereby forcing their men to negotiate peace in a time where women and politics absolutely did not mix.  As humans are count to repeat history, the tale of Lysistrata seems to have been duped today in a modern day version in the form of a simple Mindanao village.  AWESOME.



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