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Fertile Action Gala 10′ Review

This year’s Fertile Action Gala was a huge success, with a spectacular venue in the SLS Hotel, amazing attendees and delightful entertainment. A definite night to remember.

The Gala Ballroom

A video I co-produced, created, editied and directed by Elijah Shepard for the foundation kicked off the evening followed by Dr. Susan Love. Dr. Love urged guests to join the Army of Women in the only initiative in the world that connects women diagnosed with breast cancer during their child-baring years to critical research projects affecting their health. In the past, all the breast cancer research was done on mice and as Dr. Love accurately put it, “It’s kind of hard to put mice in stir-ups.”

2010 Fertile Action Gala

Fertile Action table showcased Army of Womens work online and unveiled a poster showcasing at Livestrong’s Young Adult Alliance conference in November.

Alice Crisci Speaks at The Fertile Action Gala 10'

Alice Crisci lit up the stage as she told the Fertile Action story. Focusing on her astonishment that there was a 50/50 chance of her being personally stripped of the ability bear children and astonished at the staggering cost (approximately 20 thousand dollars) that it would take to finance any procedures that would protect her right a future as a mom. She discussed her personal experiences and the experiences of her close friends and colleagues. She pointed out that the University of Southern California Fertility was recognized for being the first of its kind to offer discounts to all women touched by cancer during their fertile years through the Open Discount financial aid program.

The evening carried on through the awards ceremony where The Vitality Award, was presented to Dr. Philomena McAndrew, an oncologist and founding partner with Tower Hematology and Oncology, for being the first to join the Fertile Action Network, pledging to ask all her patients, “Have you considered your fertility preservation options?”

In addition, the Visionary Award was given to California Cryobank and was accepted by Dr. Cappy Rothman for its leadership and partnership in the cause.

The Tasty Ta-Ta's Show

The evening continued with entertainment from the “Tasty Ta-Ta’s” crew and ended in great fashion.

All-in-all, the Fertile Action Gala was a wonderful event raising money for a terrific cause.

For further information regarding USC Fertility please visit USC Fertility and learn more about Fertile Action.

Fertile Action Gala 2010

While attending Summit Series 2010, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Alice Crisci, founder of Fertile Action and The My Vision Foundation). In a building filled with champions of industry (where everyone is “badass”), Alice’s enthusiasm and charisma made her stand out among the crowd. It seemed impossible not to feel inspired after listening to her story and learning about her cause. Her life is an example to others, a great example of what the human spirit is capable of surviving. She loves to leave people with this question: “Are you living the life you imagined?” Her positive attitude, her courage, her ability to offer hope during life’s bleakest moments, and her sheer intensity are all driving forces behind Fertile Action and part of the reason this noble cause has the potential to change the world.

It is no wonder during Lifetime’s celebration of remarkable women, she was recognized as one of the extraordinary women that inspire and empower others to make a difference in their communities and the world. See the story they ran and the recognition they gave her HERE.  I think it’s remarkable that nearly 50 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer during their reproductive years become infertile after receiving the life-saving chemotherapy treatments. So many of them are unaware of the serious consequences these treatments have on their reproductive abilities.

Even more shocking, only 25 percent of oncologists discuss this risk with their patient. Fertile Action believes everyone can play a part in changing social consciousness so fertility preservation is as commonly discussed as losing your hair from chemo. That’s why the organization launched the only multi-disciplinary outreach campaign, Fertile Action Network (FAN), that links clinicians of all disciplines, fertility clinics, oncologists, pharmaceuticals and the public as FANs of Fertility Preservation. The goal is to increase awareness of this often overlooked problem and join together to ask this simple question, “Have you considered your fertility preservation options?”

I felt compelled to get involved with the charity and am honored serve on this years host committee. I intend to donate as much time as possible to Fertile Action, with the hopes of ensuring that all women will have the opportunity to maintain their fertility and the right to motherhood after they survive cancer. Many doctors and clinicians aren’t being educated on alternative options for these young women (a majority of which have dreams of becoming mothers one day). The lack of awareness means patients don’t know all of their options. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge these women have, the better their chances of living the life they’d always imagined. Ultimately this procedure will give them the opportunity to become mothers. They deserve the same rights as every other woman that’s ever dreamed of being a mom. This is a great cause, a focused purpose, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

*Fertile Action ensures women touched by cancer during their reproductive years have the option to preserve their fertility prior to receiving life-saving cancer treatment like chemotherapy and prophylactic surgery.

For more information visit Fertile Action Gala or Fertile Action’s Site

The 2010 Fertile Action Gala Event: A Visionary Evening With Tasty Ta Ta’s will be held at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills. It is a spoken word comedy performance by breast cancer survivors. Monica Piper, writer for Roseanne and former opening act for Jerry Seinfeld, will be headlining in the show. Dr. Love, also known as the rock star of the breast cancer movement will also be one of the evenings guests speakers.

The soiree includes all the common Beverly Hills swank – Kobe beef sliders, signature cocktail, complimentary wine, gift bags valued at over $300, the show and a dessert reception.

Tickets are $125 in advance and $150 at the door, tax deductible.

100% of the proceeds will benefit Fertile Action programs to ensure all women have the option to preserve their fertility prior to chemo.