Strietzel.Co is my personal holding company thats mission is to invest in exciting projects and engage in meaningful development that pushes the human race forward in one form or another.

Art Gastelum Foundation – Supporting Latino Youth

Very happy to announce that we are a part of the construction of the Art Gastelum Foundation which will act as a center and resource for Latino youth.  Led by a friend, colleague and philanthropist Art Gastelum, the Art Gastelum Foundation will provide academic information and resources for our up and coming Latino Youth.

Strietzel.Co is happy to dedicate time and resources to the Foundation.

Click HERE to learn more about the Foundation and about Strietzel.Co. Begins

iOS iCon for

The beginning.  Its been almost a year since Big Stage Entertainment Inc. Sold to Image Metrics and I’ve done quite a bit of soul searching and have come to the conclusion that I am indeed destined to build something else, but, this time rather, by my own hands, my partners hands and on my own terms.  So, usher in an elegant idea, full of power and simplicity that has taken me almost a year to achieve. is a concept that has sparked my interest well beyond any other crazy idea or concept that I’ve concocted in the past year and will be included in the 2012 lineup or Strietzel.Co’s investment portfolio.  It will join OGL and Affirmation Labs on the roster as one of Strietzel.Co’s early technology investments.  I will be documenting the building of privately and will disclose daily blogs as I progress through the building of this application.  I’ll be doing blogs that I publish for all of you to read and I will be doing private blogs that will be dated, but will be published after the launch for proprietary purposes.  I’ll be doing short video blogs documenting my issues, challenges and successes as I press through this venture which will also be released at a future date.

Stay tuned world.  Here comes

Special Thanks to Daryll Merchant, the producer and talented entrepreneur that brought the Affirmation Labs LLC investment to Strietzel.Co and has re-enforced the importance of Gratitude and Love in my life.  Kudos to my good buddy Scott Ross, a man I look up to and love even though we might but heads a bit at times, for introducing Daryll and I.  It is Scott who truly gets the credit for this connection.  So, Scott, thank you.  Daryll, thank you for encouraging and re-enforcing conscious gratitude in my life and for bringing Affirmation Labs to Strietzel.Co’s attention.  We have embarked on quite a journey over the past few months and your influence has invigorated me and has truly empowered me with the ability to develop iOS applications on my own.  It is throughout the development of the Affirmation Labs “Affirmation Planting Application” that has instilled confidence in me to proceed with the build and construction of on my own.  This adventure is a testament to the power of “Gut Feel”, affirmations and the power of will and how verbalizing to the universe what you want brings those things you desire closer to you.  Much love to Scott Ross and Daryll Merchant, two men who I dedicate to.  As it was through their influence that I was able to develop the skills and confidence in which to press forward.

I would also like to acknowledge Jon Kraft for having a belief in me. As a friend and colleague, Jon has been a cornerstone in my development and has taught me how to be a better man simply by example.  Jon Snoddy, you my friend have been to battle with me more times than most and I remember and treasure each of those moments as I have learned more from you than most in my life.  Lessons on interface, UI/UX and design theory, reputation management and more come to mind when I think of the lessons that I’ve learned.  To both of you, Thank you.  I also dedicate to you.  There certainly bits of both of you in this product as well.

Jake and Isaac, Strietzel.Co Engineering is nothing without you both.  Our investments hinge on all 3 of us as developers and I truly am thankful for your belief in me and your dedication to the projects we take on as a group.

Last but not least, my family and friends that support me and have continued to support my crazy ideas for years.  I will do my best to make you all proud.  It is you that are the most important elements in my life.  Friends and family will never be neglected as there are no riches or possessions that could ever replace the joy that I already have been blessed with from all of you.  It is you that keeps me going, keeps me happy and makes my life worth living on a daily basis.  If you consider yourself a friend or family, I am talking about you. So, In short, Thank you.