E3 Expo 2011

E3 Logo, Los Angeles Convention CenterThe E3 Gaming Convention is the largest gaming convention in the world. This year’s three day extravaganza was an event like the world’s never seen. It was much more than fun and games. It was awe-inspiring. I had the good fortune of experiencing this event alongside several of my friends and colleagues.

The convention kicked off with a press conference from Microsoft at the University of Southern California. In attendance were industry giants like: Sony, Nintendo, Electronic Arts and GT. Each company showcased its own memorizing, ground-breaking creativity. The latest breakthroughs in technology in were placed on display for gaming industry experts from around the world.

With 243 exhibitors, nearly 50,000 attendees and what seemed to be an endless amount to explore, it felt almost as though my colleagues and I were being ported into a digitally -crafted world.

E3, Electronic Arts, Los Angeles

It was quite a challenge as I juggled multiple meetings and dashed to and fro on a booth-to-booth joyride. My schedule was packed full, but the energy in convention center. Attending the E3 Expo was truly a mesmerizing experience for everyone in attendance.  After a complete tour of all of the festivities, I came across my final list of new releases that Im personally excited about.

Top releases from the biggies included: Tomb Raider; Bioshock Infinite; Legend of Zelda; Halo 4; Battlefield 3; Batman; Arkham City; &  the all-important and “Stritz Live Favorite” Gears of War 3.


Epic Games, Microsoft Game Studios, Unreal Engine 3, E3

Myself, being the hardcore gaming fan that I am, I found it difficult to choose to which booth to visit first, or which of the countless games or consoles I should try before the rest. Each seemed better than the next, but Gears of War 3 blew it all away with the hair-raising graphics and  amazing animation advancements. The Epic boys went all out and their giant statue of Marcus Fenix was awesome.

Featuring a 4 player co-op for the first time in the series, as well as a new mode to play in, dropping into the booth for Gears of War 3 has definitely increased my anticipation for the launch of this X-box exclusive, third-person shooter game.

I really wish I could write more about the expo and all that I saw there, but, Im sure you all get the picture.  It rocked, as usual.  For more information and a slight glimpse the trade event of the year visit: http://www.e3expo.com.