Inspiration Gasoline

Writing code requires some of the basic necessities which include, but are not limited to

  • Caffeine
  • A SICK pair of headphones (Recommend Bowers and Wilkins P50’s from the Apple Store)
  • Music that gets you jacked. (Inspiration Gasoline)

My Inspiration post series will be simple.  Single posts of the songs that inspire my creativity and drive me, along with a serious cup of caffeine into the wee hours of the night writing code, when all of you have been long asleep  😉

So, with that said.  The inspiration Gasoline for today: Sunday, September 2nd 2012

Spectrum (Radio Mix) [feat. Matthew Koma]

Inspiration Gasoline: Spectrum, Stritz Live, Jonathan Strietzel, Code Inspiration, iOS

Spectrum (Radio Mix)

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