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Founder Intros  January 2017 – Present

Stealth startup in the mobile networking space.

Founder and GM of Strietzel.Co March 2011 – Present

Strietzel.Co is an idea and startup accelerator. It has developed a proprietary process for producing the highest quality, custom, mobile and web applications faster than any typical development shop. By leveraging its extensive experience in startups, finance, IP and technology, it has taken the startup process a step further than traditional incubators, startup accelerators, Angel Investors and even Venture Capital. Strietzel.Co starts by providing entrepreneurs with the “right” things to do in a startup that actually work. We then provide the highest quality software platform in which we build and launch your MVP with speed, quality and efficiency thereby eliminating the bulk of the expense and technical risk up-front.

Our projects to-date includes: Affirmation Labs, Pika Media,, Wine Chips

Co-Founder and President at Big Stage Entertainment, Inc. now Image Metrics (IMGX) February 2005 – January 2011 (6 years) was a free and paid avatar creation service and the online platform for instantly expressing the ‘Digital You’ through a diverse array of online media, networks and communities.

Using three snapshots taken with a standard digital camera or a single snapshot taken from our high end Big Stage camera, Big Stage maps the detailed contours of your face to create your life-like 3-D replica, called an @ctor(TM) in seconds.
Big Stage is ushering in a new era of digital media engagement by making it possible to become a part of the medium itself. The company is collaborating with studios, portals, social networks, advertising agencies and established brands to secure a continuing selection of engaging Big Stage-Enabled (BSE) content and experiences.

Big Stage’s 3-D capture technology stems from advanced stereo reconstruction technology funded by multiple government grants, including the CIA, as part of a nine-year cumulative research project at the University of Southern California (USC).
In 2009, Big Stage Entertainment and co-founders Jonathan Strietzel, Jon Kraft and Jon Snoddy was recognized by Forbes and as one of “Americas Most Promising Companies”, taking the #18 out of the top 20 companies selected.
Big Stage was acquired in 2011 by Image Metrics (IMGX).

Board Member, Fertile Action 2010-Present (2 Years)

Fertile Action is a Non-Profit organization working to ensure every woman of fertile age that is touched by cancer actualizes her dream of motherhood. Our mission is to eradicate the cost of fertility preservation for these women to become mothers. The unfortunate and unforeseen expenses associated with a cancer diagnosis affect every woman which is why we are building the nations largest discount network which will allow every woman to receive aid regardless of her financial situation, type of cancer diagnosis, stage, or genetic risk factors.

Founder at Pika Media, Inc. 1999 – Present (13 Years)

Pika Media is a holding company that houses the initial patents filed by Jonathan Strietzel. We raised $200k in Angel Capital. These funds secured our initial patent portfolio. Pika has been issued patents based on attaching advertisements to content on demand within a subscription model and multiple patents that cover the replacing of the ring tone on wireless devices with targeted and custom advertising messages.

Other IP covers the cloud storage and distribution of digital content. Pika specifically focuses on the cloud storage and distribution of music and video content.
The Pika Media board of directors is currently licensing its IP.

Stritz Studios LLC July 2004 – October 2006 (2 years 4 months)

Stritz Studios was a creative services studio designed to provide high end tech and graphics services to the entertainment industry. In our first year of operations we secured deals with and produced cutting edge technology for ABC Family, Hip-Hop Recording artist Lil Jon, NBC (Treasure Hunters), Magical Elves Productions, FX Networks (Rescue Me) to name a few. Our services ranged from graphic design to high end software and web programming.


Chapman University, The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics BS in Business Administration, w/emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Finance, 2004


Beta Gamma Sigma – Lifetime Member

Gamma Beta Phi – Lifetime Member

Summit Series



Movie Watcher

Soccer Player

Trap and Skeet Shooter (12-Gauge Over and Under, Olympic Style Shooting)

Spontaneous Traveler

Espresso Lover and Connoisseur

Hobbyist Chess Player


Forbes – Americas Most Promising Companies 2009

Big Stage Entertainment was ranked #18 in Forbes “Americas Most Promising Companies” list in 2009. Featuring Jonathan Strietzel and Jon Kraft, Co-Founders of Big Stage Entertainment. Jon Snoddy the other Co-Founder of Big Stage is not listed. Click Here to read more.


Cool Cloud Inc. (Pika Media Inc.)

Method and Apparatus for Telecommunications Advertising (2000) – Issued

Method and Apparatus for Telecommunications Advertising (2000) – Issued

Method and Apparatus for Telecommunications Advertising (2000) – Issued

Systems and Methods for distributing targeted multimedia content and Advertising (2001) – Issued

Mega Battles Corporation

Systems and Methods for Providing Player Skill Rankings in Server Based Video Gaming Environment (2005) – In Examination

Systems and Methods for Providing Virtual Camera Views in a Server Based Video Gaming Environment (2005) – In Examination

Systems and Methods for Developing Video Games in a Server Based Video Gaming Environment (2005) – In Examination

Systems and Methods for Server Based Video Gaming (2005) – In Examination

Big Stage Entertainment Inc.

Systems and Methods for Voice Personalization of Video Content (2007) – Pending

Systems and Methods for Creating Personalized Media Content having multiple content layers (2007) – Pending

Systems and Methods for Interactive Advertising Using Personalized Head Models (2007) – Pending

Systems and Methods for Voice Personalization of Video Content (2007) – Pending

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