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Startup Analysis: Big Stage Entertainment, words from Marcus Alexander Hart/Geek Monthly/February 2009

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Startup Big Stage Entertainment – Marcus Alexander Hart writes about how he remembers the movie S1mOne? Marucs covered how Al Pacino had a digital actress with him that he could constantly and freely drop into any movie of his choice at any time. Marcus covered Big Stage well when he credited us with taking the first steps toward making what he called a “batshit technical fantasy” into a reality.  He describes to his audience that it simply takess three pictures of your face, how we allowed him to choose his hairstyle and glasses, and moments later he claimed to have seen a “disturbing Java doppelganger” mugging back at him.

Marcus really got into our little Startup by add that with a few more clicks he had mapped himself into footage from the A-Team, The Greatest American Hero and a bunch of our black-and-white clips from what he called  “The ol’ public domain barrel”. Here what Marcu’s overall assessment was of our Startup’s new technology:

S1mOne it ain’t, but if you have some understanding of how difficult it is to turn a handful of pixel data into a real-time, speaking, acting double of Johnny from Night of the Living Dead, Big Stage is pretty incredible.  If you’re the other 99% of the population, you’ll just enjoy seeing your own rasterized puss starring as the foo’ that Mr. T pities.

Marcus’s overall Verdict was that our Startup wasnt the “death of real”, but, it was still really fun.

Startup News – A Mug’s Game

Startup’s software allows users to insert 3-D versions of their faces in videos, photos, online content.

Los Angeles Business Journal Staff
Posted date: 11/10/2008
How many people want to see themselves in a clip from “Phantom of the Opera” or “The A-Team”? Enough to build a business?

Pasadena Startup Big Stage Entertainment Inc. is about to find out. The company last week publicly launched a software program that creates a 3-D image from photos of a person’s face. The image can then be placed over the heads of actors in movie clips and still photos at the company’s Web site, giving users the appearance of being, say, Mr. T or in a scene from “Night of the Living Dead.”

At this stage of Big Stage, which was founded two years ago by entrepreneurs Jonathan Strietzel, Jon Kraft and Jon Snoddy, the choice of clips and photos into which your likeness can be integrated is limited. Phil Ressler, the company’s chief executive, said Big Stage is in conversations with movie studios, video game publishers and ad agencies to offer more content for people to pop up in. He envisions a day when Big Stage users – he calls them “actors” – will be able to insert themselves into sites all over the Internet.

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